The National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health


The National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health, most commonly known as NEBOSH, was first set up in 1979. It is known as an awarding body, along with its charitable status. They offer a wide range of internationally recognised qualifications that are specialised in meeting the requirements of safety, health, and environmental management. Around the world, over 50,000 students a year enrol in NEBOSH courses from 120 countries. There are more than 600 providers of NEBOSH programmes across the globe. The accreditation body was awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise, a prestigious award. This shows the incredibly high-reputation NEBOSH has gained over the years.

NEBOSH is internationally known across the globe by many businesses. Furthermore, professional membership bodies including the Chartered Institution of Water and Environment Management (CIWEM), Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH), and the Institute of Environmental Management & Assessment (IEMA) hold NEBOSH in high regard.

All NEBOSH certified professionals are known for the latest industry knowledge and skills required to excel in the sector, helping them achieve their career goals.

ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 can be obtained through NEBOSH. In addition to this, The National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health is officially endorsed by the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) who is tasked with reviewing and upholding standards through the Qualification Governance Council.     



Career enhancer - A NEBOSH qualification helps equip graduates with the right knowledge needed for occupational health and safety standards, allowing businesses of all sizes to operate safely and efficiently. No matter the industry, all companies must comply with Occupational Health & Safety. This shows the high levels of demand for industry professionals and their valuable skills and knowledge.

Globally recognised - The NEBOSH qualification is recognised worldwide and is well known for its high standards in occupational health and safety. Becoming certified allows professionals to receive essential skills that are highly sought-after by employers in many sectors.

Skills and knowledge required by the industry - NEBOSH focuses on providing learners with the knowledge of key concepts relating to health and safety, along with the ability to identify and confidently resolve potential workplace hazards. All being necessary when securing the ideal role.

Learn around other commitments - All courses that are accredited by NEBOSH provide flexible learning options. No matter the location, time, or day students can access the course content. They also have the ability to choose their own schedule when completing the syllabus. This allows for complete control to reduce any unwanted stress, both when studying and sitting the exam.    


Career Opportunities 

For certain roles in occupational health and safety, a NEBOSH certificate is necessary. Many in the sector deem NEBOSH to be the first entry-point to acquiring a health and safety position. Many of whom are professionals that have health and safety responsibilities and want to specialise in the field.

Over the years, health and safety professionals have increased in demand, for companies of all sizes. Preventable hazards at work cost UK employers billions each year. Therefore, a high skilled occupational health and safety professional is a great asset, to prevent accidents occurring, essential for employee safety, and reducing costs.

The NEBOSH qualification provides the foundation of health and safety allowing you to find the field you wish to specialise in. Whether it be a safety consultant, catering to the oil and gas industry, or others. Everything you require as a new beginner or an experienced safety professional can be obtained through a NEBOSH qualification, pushing your career in the right direction.

Improving your current skill set can rapidly increase career progression. NEBOSH understands the current job market, ensuring you are ready for your future role. No matter your intention, gaining core occupational health and safety concepts will help enhance your CV and open the right doors for your career.

With a NEBOSH certification the following roles will be within reach:

  •  Health & Safety Advisor
  •  Health & Safety Manager
  •  Site Manager    


Which certification

All NEBOSH training courses have been created entirely by NEBOSH. Therefore, they have complete control over the syllabus making sure it covers the latest information required in the sector. With different course levels, finding a suitable one to match current experience levels couldn’t be easier.

A globally recognised qualification by NEBOSH shows employers that health, safety, and environmental management needs will be met without complication.

These are the current NEBOSH courses we provide:


How to get certified

For support when choosing the right course for your desired career, contact our support specialists today. We can provide some impartial advice to ensure you find the most suitable health and safety qualification. 

Get the ball rolling with your new career today, with the help of a NEBOSH qualification.